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Bird Photographer, Bird Photography

hummingbirds, ospreys, bald eagle, pintail duck, macaws

Mike is a passionate birder and bird photographer. He is an active member of the Audubon Society and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Population growth and habitat destruction are major reasons for the decline of some bird population around the world. The beauty and plight of birds have converted many millions of people into bird watchers, protectors and bird photographers. The following page consists of birds as small as the Allen's Hummingbird to as large as an adult American White Pelican. Click on the Individual Galleries below to view additional images and the links at the bottom of this page to see other Wildlife and Travel galleries on this site.

Assorted Birds Gallery

Herons & Egrets Gallery

Loons & Grebes Gallery

Hummingbirds Gallery

Swans, Ducks & Geese Gallery

Pelicans & Cormorants Gallery

Macaws, Lorikeets & Toucans Gallery

Diurnal & Nocturnal Raptors Gallery

Puffins, Gulls, Terns & Skimmers Gallery

Finches, Tanagers, Warblers, etc. Gallery

The photographs were taken in North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Click here to view Mike's equipment and news or read his articles and download Wallpapers from this gallery. Links to this page are welcomed and reciprocated. If you would like to purchase a bird photo or see any images in this page added to the Wallpaper gallery, please email Mike with your request. You can follow his travels on Facebook and his Photography Blog , view his Videos and join him on his upcoming trips..

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