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castles of Scotland
Beautiful image of Santorini, Greece
Neuschweinstein Castle

The photographs in this gallery were taken with multiple Canon film and digital cameras over a period of twenty plus years, on numerous trips to Europe, to the following countries : England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, Hungary, Russia, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Monaco, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia and Gibraltar. Europe is slightly larger than the United States and contains 47 individual countries.

This gallery is divided into : Visions of England , Visions of Scotland , Visions of Wales , Visions of Italy , Visions of France , Visions of Greece , Visions of Europe.

Mike is an Anglophile and has a particular interest in visiting and photographing castles, cathedrals and stately homes all across Europe. Click here to view Mike's equipment and news and download Wallpapers of photographs from these beautiful countries. Links to this page are welcomed and reciprocated. If you would like to buy a print or see any images on this page added to the Wallpaper gallery, please email Mike with your request. You can also follow his travels on Facebook and and his Photography Blog and join him on his upcoming trips.

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