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Travel and Wildlife Photographer

Humpback whale breaching
Roaring African Lion

Welcome to the website of Michael Daniel Ho, a Travel and Wildlife photographer living in California. For over 20 years, Mike's passion for the environment and conservation has centered on his love of travel and wildlife photography. Many animal and plant species are going extinct at an alarming rate. His mission is to promote the understanding and appreciation of the world's biodiversity and the need for its conservation, through the lens of wildlife imagery. Powerful wildlife and nature images are effective and emotive tools in building public awareness and education in combating this worrisome decline.

Once upon a time, Mike was steeped in the world of Banking and Finance. After graduating from university with majors in Business Administration, he held various positions with Fortune 100 companies, eventually ending up as a banker with a big, multi-national bank. That same year, Canon introduced the first EOS 1 camera and Mike bought it for a vacation to Europe with his friend. Although he had lived and traveled overseas before and had taken a photography class in high school, neither avocation had taken hold of him at that time.

The trip and camera made a big impact on Mike and a visit to Longleat Safari Park in England peaked his interest in wildlife and birds. Five years later, he retired from the world of Finance and embarked on a different journey - the world of travel and wildlife photography. By this time, the Canon EOS line of cameras have become his favorite equipment. When digital photography was launched with the dawn of our new century, Mike experimented with the new technology and found it wanting but full of potential. Click here to read Mike's articles and see his current lineup of cameras and equipment. He is a member of the Canon Professional Network and his EF lens usage ranges from 8mm to 800mm. Mike's works have been utilized by the Audubon and American Cetacean Societies, academic, publishing, conservation and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

The world has experienced a lot of changes in the last few decades. Habitat destruction and species extinction caused by rampant global development and overpopulation have taken a toll on the animal and plant life on our planet. Mike is a lifetime member of the American Cetacean Society - the oldest whale conservation group in the world, and also an active member of the World Wildlife Fund, Audubon Society and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). He is dedicated to the conservation and protection of our global wildlife for current and future generations, with an emphasis on Whales, Bears, Tigers and Lions, through the power of wildlife imagery. His goal is to view, record and interpret on photographs as many wonderful places and wildlife as possible, while having the least impact and leaving a minimal footprint on the environment. You can download free Wallpapers of some of these stunning photographs for your PC and iPad. Click on the Humpback Whale and Blue Whale and Killer Whale and Tiger and Lion videos to see these incredible animals in action. You can visit Mike on Facebook and his Photography Blog to follow his travels and join him on his upcoming trips.

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