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Mike is a passionate conservationist, wildlife photographer and a lifetime member of the American Cetacean Society and World Wildlife Fund. Wilderness areas and their inhabitants are under increasing threat from habitat destruction, overpopulation and wildlife poaching. Unchecked pollution and excessive fishing are decimating our oceans and endangering the environment of marine animals.

For over 30 years, Mike's passion for the environment and conservation has centered on his love of travel and wildlife photography. Many animal and plant species are going extinct at an alarming rate. We live in a time when nature finds itself in a fragile state. There are less habitat and more people, fauna and flora are under severe pressure. Wildlife Photography can be a powerful tool for conservation. His mission is to promote the understanding and appreciation of the world's biodiversity and the need for its preservation, through the lens of wildlife imagery. Powerful wildlife and nature images are effective and emotive tools in building public awareness and education in combating this worrisome decline.

As appreciation in wildlife and conservation grows, so does interest in wildlife photography and watching. For most people, trips to game reserves, national parks, wildlife and marine sanctuaries, supplemented by visits to qualified and well maintained zoos, offer the best opportunities to appreciate and photograph wildlife. This gallery is divided into two categories : Marine and Land Animals. Click on the individual links, highlighted in yellow, to see the photos or visit other galleries.

The Marine Animals are subdivided into : Humpback Whales , Blue Whales , Sperm Whales , Gray Whales , Fin Whales , Beluga Whales , Killer Whales , Dolphins , Pinnipeds , Sea Otters , Sea Turtles , Tropical Fishes , Sharks & Sting Rays.

The Land Animals are subdivided into : Tigers, Lions , Jaguars , Leopards , Cheetahs , Polar Bears , Brown Bears , Black Bears , Elephants , Rhinos , Hippos , Hyenas & Wild Dogs , Pandas , Koalas , Deer & Antelopes , Primates , other Land Animals , Amphibians & Reptiles.

On this site, you will find stunning wildlife and travel images, photography tips and articles, the latest Canon news, analysis and rumors, plus Mike's travel journals on topics such as how and where to photograph wildlife. Click here to subscribe to Mike's Blog and view his equipment bag and download Wallpapers from all the photo galleries. Click on the wildlife videos to see these incredible animals in action. Links to this page are welcomed and reciprocated. If you are a conservation or non-profit organization and would like to use wildlife prints from his vast portfolios free of charge, please email Mike with your request.

You can visit Mike on MichaelDanielHo.com , and follow him on Facebook , Twitter , Flickr , Instagram and his Blog to keep up with his travels and join him on his photo shoots.

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