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Travel Photography - Asia

The continent of Asia is an interesting mix of big, old and new. It boasts the largest area of any continent with some of the oldest, continuous civilizations and some of the newest and tallest skyscrapers in the world. The world's largest democracy and the second and third largest economies are all located there, including over half the world's population. The photographs in this gallery were taken in India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Turkey.

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Chinese Lion
Golden Temple

Big Buddha
Sensoji Temple

The Great Wall
Flower Fields - Hokkaido
Himeji Castle

Pachinko Parlor
East meets West
Shinto Temple

Victoria Harbor
Statue of Komoku-Ten
Symphony of Lights

Himeji Castle
View from Victoria Peak
Imperial Palace

Japanese Lantern
Ceremonial Fans
Todai-ji Temple

Star Ferry
Nijo Castle
Tori Gate

Golden Temple
Singapore Skyline
Heinan Garden

Heinan Shrine
Harbor Lights
Shogun - Kusunoki Masashige

Chinese Opera
Nine Dragon Wall
Tin Hau Temple

Ruins of Ephesus
Roman Sarcophagus
Ruins of St. John

St. John Basilica, Ephesus
Citadel of Ayasuluk

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