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Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Photographer

Welcome to my slide show and video page. I have been a Wildlife Photographer for many years and have resisted producing anything other than exciting, action photography. But after having seen so many brilliant wildlife documentaries, especially the ones from the BBC, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, I have decided to try something a little different, in addition to fine art photography.

After looking over many of my photos, it occurred to me they can collectively tell a story, especially when accompanied by music. Below are some slide shows of my wildlife photos I have put to familiar songs and some underwater videos I took of the Humpback Whales in Maui, Hawaii, surrounding my zodiac when they were wooing a female. Make sure you bookmark this page becasue I will be adding new material from time to time.

Blue Whales - Largest animal on Planet Earth
Humpback Whales - Incredible Cetacean acrobats

Killer Whales - Apex Predator of the oceans
A Tribute to Mothers and Motherhood

The Lion King of the Jungle
Save The Tigers - Kanha & Bandhavgarh NPs

Humpback Whales showing their curiosity
Humpback Whales surrounding my zodiac

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