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Photos, pictures and photography of Humpback whales, Killer whales, Blue whales, Dolphins, Bengal Tigers, African Lions

Mike is an enthusiastic conservationist, wildlife photographer and a lifetime member of the American Cetacean Society and World Wildlife Fund. Wilderness areas and their inhabitants are under increasing threat from overpopulation. Unchecked pollution and excessive fishing are decimating our oceans and endangering the habitats of marine mammals. As appreciation in wildlife and conservation grows, so does interest in wildlife photography and whale watching. For most people, trips to game reserves, national parks, wildlife and marine sanctuaries, supplemented by visits to zoos, offer the best opportunities to view and photograph wildlife. This gallery is divided into two categories : Marine and Land Animals. Click on the individual links, highlighted in yellow, to see the photos or visit other galleries.

The Marine Animals are subdivided into : Humpback Whales , Blue Whales , Sperm Whales , Gray Whales , Fin Whales , Beluga Whales , Killer Whales , Dolphins , Seals and Sealions , Sea Otters , Sea Turtles , Tropical Fishes , Sharks & Sting Rays.

The Land Animals are subdivided into : Tigers, Lions , Leopards & Cheetahs , Elephants , Grizzly Bears , Black Bears , Polar Bears , Giant Pandas , Koalas , Deer and Elks , Primates , other Land Animals , Amphibians and Reptiles.

Click here to view Mike's equipment, and read his articles and download Wallpapers from this gallery. Click on the Videos to see these incredible animals in action. Links to this page are welcomed and reciprocated. If you would like to license or purchase wildlife photographs from this Gallery, please email Mike with your request. You can follow his travels on Facebook and his Photography Blog and join him on his upcoming trips.

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