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Assorted Land Animals

There are millions and millions of animal species on our planet. No one knows the exact number. At Oxford University in 1988, Robert May, an evolutionary biologist observed that the diversity of land animals increases as they become smaller. He hypothesised that scientists have probably found most of the species of big animals, like mammals and birds. He used their diversity to further extrapolate the diversity of smaller animals. He ended up with an estimate 10 to 50 million species of land animals. The number is debatable but there are already over one million species of insects identified and many more millions waiting to be studied.

The largest land animal is the African bull Elephant. It can reach over 12 feet at the shoulder and weigh over 10 tons. On the other end of the scale, the smallest land animal is the Bumblebee Bat. An adult bat weighs about 2 grams and measures just over one inch in length.

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photo of Grevi zebra in Africa

photo of two Oryx in africa

photo of Impala in Africa

photo of Kudu in Africa

photo of Burchell Zebra in Africa

photo of Wildebeest in Africa

photo of BushBuck mom and young in Africa

photo of Giraffe calf in Africa

photo of Hyena in Africa

photo of two Hyrax in Africa

photo of capybara pups

photo of capybara pups and mom

photo of arctic fox

photo of red fox in tundra

photo of reindeer calf

photo of reindeer calf and mother

photo of arctic fox

photo of arctic fox

photo of white rhino

photo of tapir

wildlife photos

wildlife photos

photo of coyote

photo of grey wolf

wildlife photo

wildlife photo

photo of hippo

photo of hippo

photo of jackal

photo of gaur

photo of Black Rhino

photo of moose

photo of antelope

photo of coyote

photo of chipmunk

photo of Ibex

photo of sloth

photo of meerkat

photo of Takin

photo of Bactrian camel

photo of Capybara

photo of Hyrax

photo of squirrel

photo of sloth

photo of bobcat

photo of giraffe

photo of wild dog

photo of Springbok

photo of racoon

photo of hippo

photo of giraffe

photo of rabbit

photo of lemur

photo of mountain gorilla

photo of racoon

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